Maldon is an old town in Essex, England. It is located between Chelmsford and Colchester, on the Blackwater river.



Maldon is great place to live, with parks, walks, quayside, restaurants and shops. The area has lots of open countryside and offers scenic routes for bikers and cyclists alike. In my opinion just about the only thing that dampens living in the area has been the emergence of a bunch of parasitic councilors and indeed the equally unhelpful and pathetic Essex council. To me these people offer poor service and seem to come up with ever more unhelpful and daft policies which we have to negotiate around, whist forcing us to pay ever increasing taxes (virtually doubled since 97) to pay for things they want and I don't. At the same time they have started to remove basic services (streetlights for example). I fear if this goes unchecked then over time the environment my no longer be the place it once was.

Unfortunately the inadequacies of the councilors is a common theme here, most people try not to let it spoil what is a great location but there's no doubting these little kill joys do get under your skin at times......

I have started to put a few pages together to show a few of the things I like in the area and hope this may be of value to anyone happening across this site. Most of what we've come across has been accidental or just heading in a direction to see what's there. I would certainly appreciate anyone with other walks or routes to get in touch.


Roads in the Area

The roads around here are pretty good for motorcycles and indeed for cycles as well. They offer decent rides without continual stop-starts and great scenery. The only downer being Essex Council's decision that by not repairing the roads as frequently as they once did means they could spend on other stuff they want elsewhere. As such, you have to be increasingly vigilant when out on your bike as that harmless puddle could be hiding a large hole with disastrous consequences. If you are out after midnight in the Maldon area then you also need to be aware that the streetlights are turned off so be very careful indeed.

Favored routes for bikes being the run out from Maldon to Burnham-on-Crouch or the roads out the Bradwell-on-Sea, but there are plenty of back roads to explore as you wish.



Pictures : Maldon to Paper Mill Lock

Pictures : Maldon to Beeleigh Falls

Pictures : Maldon to Heybridge Basin



Once Upon a time : Maldon Lido


Mud Races



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Other stuff

Other stuff worth mention are :

Museum of Power : This is the site of a pumping station in Langford (just at the tail of Maldon). As well as a being a museum dedicated to all things power related, it also hosts regular events for Cars, Motorcycles and fairs so is always worth a look

Promenade Park : Despite no longer having a Lido, it still has other attractions. There's a Galleon play area, Splash park (only in Summer), swings,small maze, coffee shops. model boating area etc. There are also boat rides out on the Blackwater at certain times of the year.

Hythe Quay, where you can see the Thames sailing barges and enjoy food and/or beer in the two local riverside Pubs.

Northey Island National Trust area.